Room Concept

[tolerance and perseverance]

the upper floor of kanti is privately occupied by the
although a section of it can be toured upon request, 

where a personal collection of antiques, statues and rare 
books are attentively placed. the lower floor of kanti house consist of one 
spacious common room and a detached one bedroom suite; kanti. 

the common room has a large dinning and chill-out area [again, with air-con] that leads onto a balcony overlooking the river, 

a private garden and the river deck. it also offers a shared shower and toilet rooms where hundreds of books and privately owned furniture are displayed in this multipurpose living area.

kanti suite offers one cosy little bedroom with air-con and a bathroom with a private balcony in front of it, provided with the river view and the garden.


64sq.m indoor | 80 sq.m semi-outdoor

total living area for kanti suite : 

20 sq.mindoor | 6 sq.m semi-outdoor

1 bedroom

1 bathroom

1 toilet

+ pantry + library

+ private terrace & balcony

+ air-con 

+ hot water


2,800 baht per room 

[inclusive of breakfast for 2 persons] 

2 maximum guests.